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Designing your kids room decor comes with a few challenges. The first challenge is that the little room occupants might have their own decorative ideas that they may want implemented. 

And there is also the growth factor. These little ones don’t stay little forever, they’re still evolving, meaning their tastes are bound to change rather sooner than later. So, when adding that sparkly idea, you can keep it minimal - “less is more” leaving you with a canvas you can easily upgrade later.


With that said, there are some irresistible kids room décor ideas that they cannot outgrow. Ideas that infuse creativity, imagination and add some brilliance to their everyday lives. 

Here are  five such smart kids’ room décor ideas:


1.     The Galaxy Lamp

Bring the outer paradise revealed by NASA right into your kids’ room with this warm glowing Galaxy Lamp. Your little ones will stay marveled at walls that are awash with stars and everything else in the galaxy. It offers 16 different color variants and this gives you a play time with your little one when you have to pick the color they prefer. You are able to adjust the brightness and use 3 different lighting modes. This means it’s ideal even for sleeping since you can dim it as much as you like.

The Galaxy lamp offers a sparkly yet diffuse glow that can be the every night companion of your kids’ when they are ready to step into the wonderful dreams realm. 

And since it’s been designed using authentic NASA images, the constellations on the walls will be as real as the galaxies and stars themselves. It only charges for 2 hours but can function up to 10 hours or alternatively you can plug it in and let it stay on for whatever period you like. It’s safe and chemical free so you know it’s safe in your kids’ room.


Kids Room Décor  Galaxy Lamps



2.   The Galaxy Projector

This is another small yet powerful (and cute) unit to bring that starry glitter into your kids’ room. Whatever the theme of your kids’ room wall décor, this Galaxy Star Projector amplifies it and brings the sparkle all the way to their eye.

It projects astonishing nebulae plus floating clouds! 

Your kids will be delighted and enchanted by this fantastic show with thousands of stars in a myriad of colors. Without any doubt, a great alternative for entertainment. It sparks curiosity and can also be incredibly relaxing. 

Moreover it’s voice and app controlled. Once the app is downloaded, you can set it up with Alexa or Google Assistant and control it from wherever you are. It also has flexible timing so it can go off whenever you set it to.


Galaxy Star Projector diy kids room decor



3.     Silver Throw Pillow

Decorative throw pillows are an instant thing of beauty and comfort even for your little ones. And there is something undeniably enchanting about these silk sequin pillow case covers that bring more than just sparkle. It brings a certain sense of  glorious mood, perhaps it’s the way it looks: shiny and soft at the same time. Whatever it is, use this to add that luxurious feeling that will make the kids feel good.

This cute pillow can easily blend in any theme and effortlessly become part of any décor.



Silver pillow

4.     Blackout Starry Curtains

Besides playtime, sleeping time is another favorite time for kids. Ok, maybe not, most kids won’t sleep in brightly lit rooms, bright light interferes with sleep. These blackout curtains will not only come in handy by blocking all the light and helping them sleep, but they have the sparkly star pattern that mimics the majestic loveliness of the night sky.

The combination of the solid blackout background with the star pattern creates a very inviting feel for your little ones. It’s very peaceful yet magical. 

While this is perfect for the night, these curtains will still bring the subtle shimmer during the day, even when drawn. Besides, they come in a variety of colors to suit your kids room décor theme. It’s a simple yet perfect way to complete the look and feel of the space.


Blackout Starry Curtains



5.     Glitter Wallpaper

Glitter wallpaper would transform nearly any wall in your home, but it’s especially beautiful as your DIY kids’ room décor idea. Whether your kids love bold colors or glitz or even cool grayish colors, this wallpaper would suit them all. It adds depth as the shiny parts reflect the light around the room.

In a small area, it adds some whimsy persona while in a larger room, it offers the eye a pleasant place to rest. It easily compliments muted shades of blue or green. For better effect, you can add this wallpaper near the kids’ play area. The wallpaper has a fabric back meaning when well applied it can last a long time. Such a glitter wallpaper is one of the easiest but most stunning kids’ room wall décor ideas out there.


Glitter Wallpaper


6.     Round Soft Universe Themed Rug

Rugs in a kid’s room décor are an absolute essential. They not only add coziness for the little ones, but they’re highly functional as well. Kids rooms aren’t just for sleeping, they’re for other activities such as reading, playing, crafting their little creations and even wrestling. For this reason, having a soft and inspiring rug for them to spread out on is very important.

This round universe theme rug takes their embryonic imagination to the skies; thus it’s more than just a common rug. It’s also an element of learning and getting inspiration. And its constellation theme brings a sparkly twist that brings in more excitement.


Round Soft Universe Themed Rug


7.     Campfire Table Light

A night light in the kids’ rooms is another essential. It’s best to have a light that makes the kids feel good as they slide into lala land or in case they wake up in the middle of the night. This campfire table lamp is a stunning kids’ room décor idea that would be a sight to behold during the day and a sweet Boy or Girl Scout bedroom light at night.

Your little ones will fall asleep right next to a soft glowing “fire”. It’s warm and quite calming. Wait until they tell their friends that they have a campfire in the bedrooms!


Campfire Table Light


8.     Mirror On The Wall

The little humans enjoy quite a lot checking out a reflection of themselves. They love mirrors so much because there is an endless number of activities they could do in front of a mirror. 

This builds their creativity as well as a good amount of curiosity. They can role play or just try some visual experiments of their little self. These mirrors are child safe, meaning they’re shutter proof and very reflective. If you have various sources of light within the kids’ room, they will create depth with a reflective twist. They stick well to the walls and have curved edges for maximum safety. So, let them enjoy their own attention to the max.


 Mirror kids room decor

Final Take

While kids’ room décor is important to most parents, functionality is essential while planning it out. Dazzle your kids and give them a comfortable and fun place to thrive using the above kids’ room décor ideas. All the pieces are durable, functional and inspiring for the little minds that are developing and evolving daily. Speaking of developing, they need enough rest to grow, so let them enjoy some sound sleep under the stars or the glow of the galaxy. It’s just what they need.


Kids room decor Create a sparkling room for your little ones


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